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Liquid & Vacuum trucks

BRS is a non-competing company in that we own no truck transport or vacuum trucks – we are purely a waste recycling facility. Our dedicated professional staff work quickly and efficiently to ensure your disposal is processed with minimum downtime so you can get back on the road and keep earning money.  We are a service to the industry so we strive to provide facilities when they are convenient for you.  We open from 7am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 7am – 2pm Saturday.  Our 250,000 litre solids receiver pit allows us to receive large volumes of waste at any given time.

BRS has state of the art facilities to help you keep track of your transactions. The weighbridge has a self-service hut where drivers can easily print a ticket for each transaction for their own records. We have an on-site weighbridge is paired with a tracking and photo recording system and our intuitive software package allows you to track and retrieve transactions, photos, reports, and test results on every load upon request.

Our state of the art facility is licensed and EPA approved, so you can be sure that your waste is disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.  Our on-site water treatment plant is EPA approved.

BRS also offers a convenient service for remote disposal. Sealed hook lift bins in several sizes are available for hire and you can place them on any site suited to you to save traveling to our facility to dump each load.  Please contact our sales staff for more details.

Liquids accepted by BRS include:


    Contaminated ground water and stormwaters with gross contaminates.


    Containing a mixture of naturally occurring rock and soil, including but not limited to material such as sandstone, shale and clay, and drilling fluid generated during drilling operations such as horizontal directional drilling or potholing.

  • NDD

    Water slurry containing soils, liquids, rocks, clays, concrete etc.

Crushing Facility

The BRS crushing facility accepts all size loads of construction materials onsite for crushing and recycling. Every load we accept is a load which is not being sent to a landfll which is great for our environment and just important, saves you money.

Our site is easily accessible in all weather conditions and we can pride ourselves on providing a fast turnaround for our clients so you can get back on the road and make more money.

Materials accepted for disposal include:







Our EPA approved site uses the best and safest practices
to dispose and recycle all materials accepted onsite.

Block Manufacturing

The BRS block making facility is capable producing large concrete interlocking blocks suitable for retaining walls, finish product bays and hoardings.  The blocks are moulded with an exposed Y12 reo bar hook which allows easy loading/unloading for transport and to easily move the blocks into place at your location.  BRS has an overhead crane and forklifts onsite to help load blocks onto your transport, or we can deliver to your site at an extra cost with our low loader and crane truck.

We have blocks available on demand and can fill larger orders upon request.

Our blocks can be supplied with a lifting certificate or tested and tagged as an option.

The blocks are made in several shapes and sizes:




  • L: 1200mm W:600mm H:600mm

  • Interlocking front and rear

  • 0.4m3

  • (Half blocks also available 600mm x 600mm x 600mm)

  • Suitable for retaining walls, finish product bays, Hoardings




  • L:1600mm W:800mm H:810mm

  • Interlocking top to bottom

  • 1.1m3

  • Suitable for retaining walls, finish product bays, Hoardings

Agitator truck

If you have ordered too much cement for a job and have no use for it, BRS offers tipping services for Agitator trucks. When you arrive at our facility, we will direct you to a tipping point where you can quickly dispose of the unwanted cement and get onto your next job. We accept all loads, big and small.

Outgoing Products

BRS offers bulk crushed recycled product suitable for use in your construction project for sale at a great price.

We can supply Tested and Classification reports upon request.

Click here for prices.

General Solid Waste & Soil

BRS is licensed to accept, process, recycle or dispose of a wide range of industrial solid waste and contaminated soils.

Our large covered premises is suited for all weather access and can be used as a holding yard to store your products during wet weather periods.

Products we are licensed to accept and/or process on-site include:

    Waste storage and waste processing.
    Waste storage and processed foundry sand, Waste processing specific basalt fines, reclaimed exempted asphalt pavement, waste recovered aggregate, excavated public road materials, recovered fines (continuous and batch), recovered glass sane, recovered railway ballast, slag (blast furnace, electric arc furnace, electric arc furnace ladle, electric arc welding, steel furnace)
  • CT1 SOILS:
    Waste storage and waste processing.
    Soil that meets the General Solid Waste Classification (assessed against the CT1 thresholds, below) of the Waste Classification Guidelines as in force from time to time with exception of the maximum threshold values for contaminants specified below:
    Arsenic: 40mg/kg; Cadmium: 2mg/kg; Copper: 200mg/kg; Mercury: 1.5mg/kg; Zinc: 600mg/kg; Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons C6 to C9: 150mg/kg; Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons 1600mg/kg; Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: 80mg/kg; Polychlorinated Biphenyls (individual): 1mg/kg. No acid sulfate soil or potential acid sulfate is to be received at the premises.
  • CT2 SOILS:
    These products cannot be processed onsite, but we can hold them onsite ready to be redistributed to another facility for processing. Soil that meets the Waste Storage (only). Restricted Solid Waste Classification assessed against the CT2 thresholds (See descriptions in CT1 soil)
    Waste storage, waste processing and resource recovery, concrete washout from concrete batch plants and risidual batch concrete from agitator trucks.
    Waste storage, waste processing and resource recovery.
    Concrete, bricks, tiles and terracotta.