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Bulk Recovery Solutions Pty Ltd (BRS) is a Licensed EPA waste management facility at Ingleburn and is one of NSW’s leading waste operations for the treatment of Solid and Liquid Waste.

BRS has capacity to receive, treat and recycle large quantities of liquid and solid waste. Our waste management facility is easily accessible in all weather conditions, and we pride ourselves on providing a fast turnaround for our clients,
so you can get your trucks back on the road.

We uses the best and safest practices to receive, treat, recover and recycle. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our professional staff at BRS



Convenient Location

Easy access from the Hume Hwy at Ingleburn

Dual Weighbridges

Efficient entry and exit processing

7 Tipping Locations

Less time waiting to dispose of your waste

Onsite Truck Wash-Out

Tip, wash-out, then proceed to your next job

Complimentary Kiosk

Grab a Hot/Cold snack or drink and hit the road


BRS is an EPA approved site licensed to recycle wet & dry building waste, stormwater and drill muds in commercial quantities. Our state of the art recycling facility has been specifically designed to handle even concrete wet washout, so Agitator Trucks and Vac trucks are all welcome at our site.


Our facility is Government Licensed and EPA approved, so you can be sure that your waste is received, treated and recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Liquids accepted by BRS include:

    Containing a mixture of naturally occurring rock and soil, including but not limited to material such as sandstone, shale and clay, and drilling fluid generated during drilling operations such as horizontal directional drilling or potholing.

  • NDD
    Water slurry containing soils, liquids, rocks, clays, concrete etc.

  • Cement Slurry
    Liquids and solid cement slurry deriving from concrete plants, high pH water and particles


BRS offer a wide range of large concrete blocks for sale – perfect for use in retaining walls, product bays, or traffic management. 

Below is a list designs available:

  • 1600 x 800 x 810mm concrete lego block – Interlocking top and bottom – 2.3t*
  • 1200 x 600 x 600mm concrete bevel faced block – Interlocking at each end – 900kg*
  • 1200 x 600 x 600mm concrete block – Interlocking at each end – 900kg*
  • 600 x 600 x 600mm concrete block – Interlocking at each end – 450kg*
  • 1200 x 600 x 600mm concrete mini lego block – Interlocking top and bottom – 900kg*
  • 1800 x 600 x 600mm concrete long mini lego block – Interlocking top and bottom – 1350kg*
  • 3000 x 600 x 600mm concrete block, two lifting points, rectangular shape – 2.5t*
  • 200 x 600 x 600mm concrete mini lego block – Interlocking top and bottom with
  • rock inserted into face exposed – 950kg*
  • 1800 x 600 x 600mm concrete long mini lego block – Interlocking top and bottom with rock inserted into face exposed – 1400kg*

The blocks are moulded with an exposed Y12 reo bar hook which allows easy loading/unloading for transport and to easily move the blocks into place at your location.  BRS has an overhead crane and forklifts onsite to help load blocks onto your transport, or we can deliver to your site at an extra cost with our low loader and crane truck.

We have blocks available on demand and can fill larger orders upon request.

Learn more about our range by downloading our brochure here.


BRS is licensed to accept, process, recycle or dispose of a wide range of industrial solid waste and contaminated soils.

Our large covered premises is suited for all weather access and can be used as a holding yard to store your products during wet weather periods.

Products we are licensed to accept and/or process on-site include:

    Waste storage and waste processing.
    Waste storage and processed foundry sand, Waste processing specific basalt fines, reclaimed exempted asphalt pavement, waste recovered aggregate, excavated public road materials, recovered fines (continuous and batch), recovered glass sane, recovered railway ballast, slag (blast furnace, electric arc furnace, electric arc furnace ladle, electric arc welding, steel furnace)
  • CT1 SOILS:
    Waste storage and waste processing.
    Soil that meets the General Solid Waste Classification (assessed against the CT1 thresholds, below) of the Waste Classification Guidelines as in force from time to time with exception of the maximum threshold values for contaminants specified below:
    Arsenic: 40mg/kg; Cadmium: 2mg/kg; Copper: 200mg/kg; Mercury: 1.5mg/kg; Zinc: 600mg/kg; Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons C6 to C9: 150mg/kg; Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons 1600mg/kg; Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: 80mg/kg; Polychlorinated Biphenyls (individual): 1mg/kg. No acid sulfate soil or potential acid sulfate is to be received at the premises.
  • CT2 SOILS:
    These products cannot be processed onsite, but we can hold them onsite ready to be redistributed to another facility for processing. Soil that meets the Waste Storage (only). Restricted Solid Waste Classification assessed against the CT2 thresholds (See descriptions in CT1 soil)
    Waste storage, waste processing and resource recovery, concrete washout from concrete batch plants and risidual batch concrete from agitator trucks.
    Waste storage, waste processing and resource recovery.
    Concrete, bricks, tiles and terracotta.

Learn more about our range by downloading our brochure here.


If you have ordered too much cement for a job and have no use for it, BRS offers tipping services for Agitator trucks. When you arrive at our facility, we will direct you to a tipping point where you can quickly dispose of the unwanted cement and get onto your next job. We accept all loads, big and small.


All solid waste tipped at the BRS facility will be processed with the aim of creating a crushed product to be recycled and sold to clients. 

The BRS crushing facility accepts all size loads of construction waste onsite for crushing and recycling. Each load we receive in our plant is one less being sent to landfill which is positive for our environment and community.

BRS recycled products are suitable for use in your construction project for sale at a great price.

The recycled crushed products can be purchased in the form of:

View our brochure here to learn more.


The BRS site has two weighbridges which are used for the incoming and outgoing traffic for our recycling customers, and also available for any member of the public needing a certified weighbridge ticket for a vehicle. 

Weighbridge 1: Vehicles up to 10m and 30t GVM
Weighbridge 2: Vechicles up to 26m and 80t GVM. 

Whether it is a trailer, car, caravan or truck – a weighbridge ticket will cost you a flat rate of $44+gst. Call our friendly staff with any enquiries on 8717 3366.